Places to visit for Outlanders In the Inverness Area

This is a wonderful list of Outlandish places in and around Inverness.

Inverness Outlanders

   We are Outlander fans who are lucky enough to live in or around Inverness.  One of the Questions we often get asked is besides Culloden  Battlefield  and Clava Cairns  what other Outlandish things is there to do in the area. Well this depends on how long you’ve got.  There are so many Jacobite and book related places to visit but here are just a few.

Top of the list has to be The Wardlaw Mausoleum.

Click for their website

Make sure you contact them first to make an appointment for a tour.  Give yourself at least an hour here as Eric gives a wonderful in-depth account of the Mausoleum  and the Fraser History in the area.  You can get up close to the Old Fox himself.  This is an experience not to be missed.   Although this is free, please bring  a donation to put in the box. The…

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